Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Dublin, photo diary I

Like I mentioned on one of my last posts, I went to Dublin with a friend for some days. After a first small disappointment - because I had something else in mind for the trip - I tried to emerge myself completely in Dublin and its atmosphere. And all I heard about Dublin, and Dubliners is true; yes, there is a lot of rain AND wind, people are extremely pleasant and helpful, they're very patriotic, their pubs are the best thing in the world, and Trinity College makes you dream.

But the thing I most liked was the atmosphere, I loved walking through the streets of Temple Bar and by the river. Or the music which filled some of the pubs we got in.. It was so incredible, I have no right words to describe some of my feelings. I think my pictures don't really show my love for this city, I have to admit; I wasn't thinking much about photography, and most of the places where we went, I wasn't allowed to take pictures (Book of Kells, National Gallery, ...). So photography wise, those picture are not that great, but they still hold a special place in my heart, so here you go.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Spain photodiary part I

    One thing I love about going back to Spain, is going back to the sea. Every year, as a child I secretly hoped to discover I was some kind of lost mermaid princess who's best friend was a dolphin and would swim into the ocean like it had always been my home. Sad to say, but this never happened.

    From what I've been told, I've always been like a fish in water, even as babe. If I concentrate really hard I can feel how the waves crash around your body on a wild day, or how the water almost becomes part of you on those peaceful days. How its rhythm holds and keeps you close. I'm fascinated by the ocean, with all those aquatic animals or how the colour of the water changes from day to day..

    There was one night where we went to the Puerto de Alicante (Port of Alicante), it was kind of magical. I loved the way the lights would give some kind of special atmosphere to this place I've been so many times. There was this amazing ship just at the beginning. It was so big and beautiful, really made you dream about going on the sea with it. I've never been really good at taking night pictures. But I'm pretty content about these. I used no flash, maybe that's why they look so yellowish/warmish?